LDYBG is a 100% MADE IN ITALY brand.
We make hand knitted or loomed accessories, using only fine Cariaggi yarns embellished with Swarovski jewel details.
The certified quality of the raw materials used and the craftsmanship attentive to social ethics and respect for the environment are the basis of our philosophy and the strength of our brand.
Cashmālā is a 100% cashmere knitted garment to which two cashmere tassels illuminated by Swarovski crystals have been applied.
The tassels recall those of the mālā rosaries, hence the name CASHMĀLĀ (cashmere + mālā).
Cashmālā is more than just an accessory, it is a symbol of protection and personal expression.
No woman wears it in the same way.
A unique garment to complete any outfit, able to adapt to all seasons, to travel across continents and blur the boundaries between cultures.